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With its diverse and talented faculty in both disciplines, the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics offers students and researchers a unique and stimulating working environment in which to learn and grow. Learn more about our department.

Get to know new Epidemi-ologist Dr Honglei Chen

Dr Chen's current research focuses on Parkinson's disease, which affects over 1 million older adults in the U.S.
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Study on lifestyle factors during pregnancy

Dr. Jean Kerver to study how lifestyle factors during pregnancy — such as diet and nutrition — can impact a child’s growth and development
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Dr. Nigel Paneth to lead a $4.8M research grant

Research grant from the National Institutes on Health will address envrionmental influences on child health. read more

Molly Bray, University of Texas at Austin  10/27

"Exercise, Timing, and Genes in Energy Balance" Thursday, October 27th 3:30 start time. E4 Fee Hall
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