Retired Assistant Professor Dr. Julie Wirth passes away

Many have expressed their condolenses on the passing  of  Dr. Julia (Julie) Wirth, retired Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, who passed away after a battle with ALS.. learn more

Grocery shopping in the time of COVID-19

People still need groceries. Many continue to go to the grocery store but say that they do shop less often than before COVID-19 and that they are careful to practice ‘social distancing. 
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Caring for Opioid Use Disorder Patients in N. MI

Assistant Professor Dr. Jean Kerver is working with women who are pregnant and struggling with opioid use disorder by providing access to wrap-around services.
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Congratulations to our Spring 2020 graduates

We are sorry that we cannot honor our graduates with our annual
Celebration and International Luncheon. We hope to honor our graduates at a later time.  
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