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With its diverse and talented faculty in both disciplines, the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics offers students and researchers a unique and stimulating working environment in which to learn and grow. Learn more about our department.

How many words can you find? 

Test your skills to see how many Epidemiology/Biostatistics words you can find.  There are at least 32 solutions  read more

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Prize Paper Competition on research work

Announcing a prize competition for a paper at the interface of Epidemiology, Econometrics and Developmental Sciences
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Dr. Joseph Gardiner Univ. Distinguished Professor

The title is conferred on selected MSU faculty members to recognize distinguished achievement in teaching, research and public service.
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Seminar Series February 11th
Abdul El-Sayed

Executive Director & Health Officer Detroit Health Dept. ‘Between Health Science and Policy: Reflections from Detroit’ 4:00 Patenge Room..
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