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Cerebral Palsy Research Consortium of Michigan (CPRCoM) brings together scientists, health professionals, and community partners to promote research and develop new knowledge about cerebral palsy. As part of this growing network, researchers are collaborating on studies of CP causes, treatments, function, and outcomes, with the aim of making progress in prevention and improving the lives of individuals and families affected by CP.

In fall 2007, building on active research programs and clinical strengths at universities and medical centers in Michigan, and with enthusiastic backing from United Cerebral Palsy in Lansing, a group of colleagues initiated discussion to develop collaborations across institutions that could advance CP research. Our first conference, aptly named "Cerebral Palsy: Toward Collaborative Research in Michigan", took place March 18, 2008 at University of Michigan with about 50 attendees, hosted by Dr Edward Hurvitz. Internationally prominent researchers, including Michigan's Drs Hurvitz, Nigel Paneth and Seth Warschausky, and Dr Mindy Aisen of United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation (UCPREF, now CPIRF), presented up-to-date research findings, with Dr Aisen's keynote highlighting funding challenges for CP research. This initial meeting generated new questions, connections and inspiration to work together .

Two months later, Michigan State University hosted the Werner workshop on Adults with CP. The meeting paid tribute to Arnold Werner, a well-loved MSU psychiatrist with CP who urged us to learn more about aging with CP, and featured exciting presentations by Michigan clinicians and disability spokespeople. The workshop was attended by almost 100 clinicians, community members with CP, and researchers to specifically address issues in adults.

Subsequently the Consortium has organized biennial conferences, rotating sites between MSU, UM and Wayne State University, and funded by our Michigan academic institutions, industry sponsors, and non-profit organizations. In addition to Dr Aisen in 2008, keynote speakers have included Dr Janice Brunstrom Hernandez from Washington University, Saint Louis, in 2010; Dr Roberto Romero from NIH Perinatology Research Branch in 2013; and Dr Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp from CDC Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta anticipated in 2015.

Community members interested in CP research are invited to attend these conferences as part of the vital partnership of medical scientists and the CP community in the research enterprise. Indeed, in addition to conferences, the consortium has developed a CP research registry at University of Michigan to enable people with CP who want to contribute to research to be contacted about upcoming studies.

We welcome you to join us in CPRCoM's efforts for professional, educational, community and family engagement in CP research.

Conference Presentations


Thursday, April 19, 2018 Michigan State University "Cerebral Palsy: Maximizing function and ability"

Steering Committee

Edward Hurvitz, MD
Steven Korzeniewski, PhD
Madeleine Lenski, MSPH
Nigel Paneth, MD
Seth Warschausky, PhD

Community Partner:

UCP Michigan, Kathleen Brockel, Executive Director.

Past speakers

Mindy Aisen, MD
Rita Ayyangar, MD
John D. E. Barks MD
Susan Brown, PhD
Janice Brunstrom-Hernandez, MD
Daniel Clauw, MD
Mary Jo Cooley Hidecker, PhD
John Bryson Eulenberg, PhD
Nancy N Dodge, MD
Violanda Grigorescu, MD
Donna Hurley, BS
Edward Hurvitz, MD
Jacqueline Kaufman, PhD
Sujatha Kannan, MD
Kelly Klump, PhD
Steven Korzeniewski, PhD
Anna Kratz, PhD
Min Li, PhD
Nicole Lomerson-Schickling, MPH
Nigel Paneth, MD
Mark Peterson, PhD
Linda Potter, JD
Roberto Romero, MD
Seetha Shankaran, MD
Danielle Shapiro, PhD
Judith A. Vinson, PhD, RN
Seth Warschausky, PhD

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