Misra Lab Group

We are seeking to contribute to a fuller understanding of the pathways which lead to optimal perinatal health.

  • About the Lab

    Dawn MisraThe Misra Group’s research interests and goals closely parallel the mission of the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development. A central goal of the Institute is to assure that every child is born healthy and that no mothers experience adverse consequences of pregnancy. We are seeking to contribute to a fuller understanding of the pathways which lead to optimal perinatal health. Our approach to the study of perinatal health is broad and goes beyond epidemiology. We also include qualitative and health policy methodologies.

    We are passionate about this area of research and are continually exploring new methods to move the work forward, whether they are innovative statistical analyses, measures of constructs borrowed from fields such as sociology, or identification of genetic factors that may amplify the adverse effects of environmental factors. Most of our work focuses on racial disparities in pregnancy outcomes, including maternal outcomes, with an emphasis on understanding the role of racism and life course exposures.

    There are several projects where we have data available and we welcome collaborations by student or postdoctoral fellows. Data collection is complete in most of these studies but there may be opportunities for additional assays of archived specimens if good ideas are proposed. Some of our studies are ongoing and could adopt new protocols. Newer threads within our research have considered the role of the father and how epigenetics may be a mechanism by which social factors impact outcomes.




  • Eve Njoku-Shells

    njoku-shells.jpgEve Njoku-Shells is a 2022 graduate of Michigan State University, who received her Bachelor's of Science in Genomics and Molecular Genetics. She is currently attending Emory University where she is getting a Master's in Nursing as well as a Master of Science in Nursing .

    Research Interests

    Eve is interested in social determinants of health in the minority populations as well as public health research. She was a part of the team for about two years where she worked on our BIBB project regarding the effects of Covid-19 on pregnant black women.


    Professional Memberships

    Sigma Theta Tau

    National Student Nurses’ Association


  • Christabelle Toso

    Christabelle TosoChristabelle holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Health from Georgia State University and recently earned a Master's in Public Health from Emory University, with a focus on Global Health and a concentration in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Population Studies. Passionate about promoting health and justice in these areas, she is particularly dedicated to supporting marginalized communities. Christabelle is committed to leveraging the transformative power of research, advocacy, communications, media, and technology to enhance community engagement, drive collective action, and create impactful change.



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December 2023 - Visiting the Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts


Exemplary Student Researcher from the 2023 CityMatCH MCH Leadership Conference awarded to Cynthia Wynn 



Relicious Eboh presenting her work at Posters on the Hill, Council for Undergraduate Research.